Working on co-design with Fire and Emergency NZ

  Posted on 1st February 2018 by Loralee Hyde in Integration, UFBA News

Message from Bill Butzbach, Chief Executive Officer

Carl Mills is now on board at Fire and Emergency NZ as Workstream Lead, Volunteerism. I and Kevin Ihaka from FRFANZ are now liaising with Carl at a high level and participating in co-design work to make sure the needs of our volunteers are met including:

Working Groups will be formed in February to do this work together. Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate.

Targeted Operating Model

We are also participating in the co-design of the Targeted Operating Model which involves working together with the Fire and Emergency NZ Strategic Leadership Team, a selection of people from across the organisation and our other Associated Agencies.

The fifth co-design workshop was held on 20 December where we discussed the draft High Level Design including:

UFBA/FRFANZ will be involved in consultation with our members on sharing the initial thinking from the co-design workshops.

Volunteer contributions to co-design

As well as UFBA personnel, expert volunteers from around the country are contributing to Fire and Emergency NZ Projects, Working Parties, Integration Workstreams and Workshops—see the current details below.

We thank these representatives for their commitment to making sure the unified voice of volunteers is heard.

Two recent reports from representatives are to hand. I included an update about the development of an Availability and Messaging System (AMS) solution from Nigel Lilley in my December Blog.

Matt Jones who is on the Health, Safety and Wellbeing National Committee has reported psychological wellbeing support is a key focus.

This aligns with the UFBA/FRFANZ emphasis on providing easily accessed advocacy and support services to members along with developing our Leading Psychological Wellbeing Workshop for brigade/rural fire force leaders.


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