2013 Drivers Challenge Results Ruapuna

  Posted on 13th August 2013 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

2013 Drivers Challenge Results Ruapuna

The National Drivers Challenge in Ruapuna was extremely successful, with a turnout of 75 competitors - a full card.  Top ten finishers were as follows:

1st:   Jesse Wilcox, Invercargill
2nd: Todd Pike, Little River
3rd:  Trent Jones, Wellsford
4th:   Alan Hemsley, Akaroa
5th:   Peter Williams, Invercargill
6th:   Neil Matheson, Kohukohu
7th:   Daniel Klaassen, Waiouru
8th:   Daniel Ohs, Rolleston
9th:   Matt Browne, Wellsford
10th:Grant Scothern, Te Puke

Complete results are available for download HERE.

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