Conference Remits

  Posted on 22nd December 2010 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Two remits were considered at Conference: both were passed.

Large Animal Rescue Training

Senior Fire Fighter Anderson, a vet, presented this remit on behalf of Helensville VFB by way of audio-visual presentation showing that policy and training regarding the rescue of large animals (horses, cattle, etc) has long been part of overseas fire services, but there is little on the topic in New Zealand.

As a rural vet, SFF Anderson is well aware of the danger to rescuers and the needs of animal welfare during rescues: hence the remit which asks the UFBA to confer with the New Zealand Fire Service seeking policies, guidance and training notes to help firefighters carry out safe and efficient extrication of large animals.

Invited to comment, Paul McGill, NZFS Director of Operations and Training, told conference delegates he was in favour of the move. “It’s very much on my radar,” he said.

Alteration to Rules Re Service Awards

Station Officer Scott represented a remit from Laingholm VFB which sought cross-crediting of service towards the UFBA’s 25 year Gold Star.  Provided the fire-fighter has not received the FRANZ 25 year award, the remit sought eligibility for the UFBA’s Gold Star, no matter how long the Rural Fire Force has belonged to the UFBA.

Sufficient proof of an individual’s service would have to be provided to the UFBA’s Board before the award could be made. Supporters of the remit believed this was a follow-up to recent rule changes which freed up qualification towards UFBA service awards for Rural Fire Forces who transfer to Volunteer Fire Brigades.

The strong sentiment from the floor of Conference was that it’s the service that counts, no matter where served: in Rural Fire Forces, Volunteer Fire Brigades or a combination of both. 

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