Consultation - Review of Fire and Emergency’s Aerial Appliance Strategy

  Posted on 8th October 2020 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

Consultation - Review of Fire and Emergency’s Aerial Appliance Strategy

The last aerial appliance strategy informed the purchase of the 32 metre ‘Bronto’ aerial ladder platforms (type 5 and type 6) and heavy pump aerial appliances (type 4) nearly 20 years ago. Community needs and risk profiles have changed since then along with the number and diversity of incidents.

A Bronto might not be of much use on a windswept scrub covered hill with a 30-degree slope but what would? Drones?

Fire and Emergency has asked for a UFBA member view on their Aerial Appliance Strategy, so we need your feedback. You can complete the response template yourself or with others and send it in to us.
We will establish a group of interested members to review and collate your feedback to form a submission on behalf of members. The submission process will be overseen by the Membership Advisory Panel on behalf of the Board.

Join the group of interested members

If you would like to join this review group, please send a brief CV outlining your experience or interest in aerial response by Monday 19 October.

Contribute to the submission by Monday 30 November

Fire and Emergency require feedback on their strategy discussion documents by 15 December – in order to collate and provide feedback from members, please review the documents and send the completed response template to by Monday 23 November. Feedback can be from an individual or group so gather your mates and let us know what you think.

Below, you can download:

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact


Aerial Review Discussion Document v0.05
Download File (pdf, 2MB, last modified October 08 2020)
Executive Summary - aerial strategy discussion document
Download File (pdf, 1MB, last modified October 08 2020)
Response template - aerial discussion document
Download File (docx, 3MB, last modified October 08 2020)
memoUandA-aerial appliance strategy review
Download File (pdf, 569KB, last modified October 08 2020)

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