COVID-19 Vaccine Update #012

Issue date:

COVID-19 Health Order takes effect tonight

For the protection of communities and brigades, as of tomorrow, all personnel in specified operational roles under the governments Health Order must have had their first vaccine dose by midnight tonight. If you are in an effected role and are unvaccinated, by law you will not be able to perform any operational duties.

Unvaccinated members of volunteer fire brigades will be given the option to go on leave, to allow them to seek and evaluate any alternative options. We encourage affected people to use this option before resigning. No one wants to lose capable and trained people without allowing every opportunity to be used.

We know that Fire and Emergency New Zealand support an extensive network of community-based brigades throughout New Zealand, which don’t operate in isolation. Neighbouring brigades back each other up, protect their community and those surrounding.

Fire and Emergency have released information that two volunteer brigades won’t be able to operate. These brigades are Inangahua on the West Coast and Matakana Island in the Bay of Plenty. It is disappointing that these brigades will be unable to serve their community, however Fire and Emergency has put provisions in place to cover their areas.

The UFBA will work with Fire and Emergency to support recruitment for any brigade which needs to increase their vaccinated membership.