FENZ Independent Workplace Review

  Posted on 3rd August 2018 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, Event News, UFBA News

An independent review into Fire and Emergency NZ workplace policies, procedures and practices to address bullying and harassment has now started. Retired Judge Coral Shaw will lead the review supported by a reference group including sexual violence advocate Louise Nicholas, Samantha Turner (Partner at Simpson Grierson), Dr Carol MacDonald (Researcher) and Mike Freely (Independent mediator).

UFBA CEO Bill Butzbach recently spoke with Judge Shaw providing his personal endorsement of the much-needed review and to discuss how the UFBA can support her review team to engage as many of our members as possible in the various surveys and meetings being arranged to inform the review.

The review is about focussing on how FENZ can be better prepared to proactively eliminate all forms of bullying and harassment from the workplace along with ensuring FENZ is equipped with the best tools possible to resolve such issues in a timely manner when they do occur. It is also an opportunity for FENZ Personnel to focus on its broader workplace culture and ensure that policies and procedures support inclusive workplace practices. This has to be good for our members.

The UFBA/FRFANZ have a long tradition of working closely with Fire and Emergency NZ while retaining an independent voice to represent members’ interests. 

We fully support the review and encourage anyone who has experienced harassment or bullying to complete the survey. It is important to stress that the survey is confidential being independently managed by contractors Colmar Brunton. You can find the survey here.

Alternatively if you would prefer a paper copy of the survey or to have a confidential conversation contact Jane or Ceara on 0508 832 269 or email membershipsupport@ufba.org.nz

You can also email reviewteam@fenzreview.nz to reach out to Judge Shaw and the reference group directly and confidentially.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Together we can create a safe and supportive culture.

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