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  Posted on 24th October 2019 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

In March, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin announced a review into the way that Fire and Emergency is funded.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is leading the review and has released a public consultation document on different funding options that can be viewed here The consultation closes with DIA in early February 2020 so we will send out a reminder in December and another one early in the new year.

The UFBA encourage you to read the review (there is quite a bit of background material in the review report) and provide your feedback through the UFBA and FRFANZ to

The review is only looking at how Fire and Emergency is funded, not the level of funding. The review does not cover the way other emergency services, such as ambulances, operate or are funded.

The current insurance-based levy method of funding will remain in place during the review.

We will then craft a submission on your behalf and provide it to the DIA by their close off date. In order to meet timeframes please ensure your comments are with us before mid-February.

DIA will consider all submissions, and the feedback will help the Government agree a preferred funding model for Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

This is an important review for Fire and Emergency and for all New Zealanders, as everyone benefits from having access to the range of services Fire and Emergency provides to communities.

We look forward to your thoughts on this topic so do get in touch.

Further reading for context can be found here:

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