Additional UFBA Leadership & Governance Workshop will strengthen skills

  Posted on 28th September 2017 by Loralee Hyde in Event News, UFBA News

A major milestone was reached at the 13th UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop held in Wellington from 14-16 September—over 200 personnel from around the country have now graduated from this highly-valued course.

Participants, who came from volunteer and paid fire brigades, rural fire forces (both UFBA and FRFANZ members) and Fire and Emergency NZ, were Barbara Spicer (Orere Point Rural), Cath Sharp (Darfield), Colin Thomas (Greymouth), Edward Love (Southbridge), Edwin Coates (Upper Hutt Rural), Herena Paurini (Dargaville), Jeremy Bunting (New Plymouth West), Jill Tomlin (Rakaia), Jo Braddock (Fire and Emergency NZ NHQ), Kerri Fleming (Manapouri), Mark Buchanan (Henderson), Mark Shears (Lauriston Rural), Rachael Leighton (Fire and Emergency NZ Wellington Area), Rudi Verplancke (Edendale), Steve McSweeney (Hamilton) and Todd Campbell (Okaihau).

UFBA Leadership & Governance Workshop September 2017

Chief Executive Officer Bill Butzbach with September 2017 UFBA Leadership & Governance Workshop Graduates

Strong leadership a key UFBA goal

This workshop was the first UFBA Chief Executive Officer Bill Butzbach attended since he joined the UFBA in his new role. Bill says enhancing the leadership capability of current and emerging leaders in fire and emergency services is a key strategy of UFBA/FRFANZ.

“Providing members with a range of leadership development opportunities helps strengthen the skills of our firefighters which benefits the growth and wellbeing of brigades,” he says.

“The learning outcomes of the UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop are highly valued with generally 100% of respondents to our satisfaction surveys being very satisfied with the overall workshop.

“Participants find the sessions to be extremely helpful in developing skills they can demonstrate in their brigade, in their personal life and in their career.”

I have learnt many new skills that I can use in my day to day Fire and Emergency NZ duties. This will help me grow as a leader and to develop the brigade to be better than it already is.” Ed Love, Southbridge Volunteer Fire Brigade

Increased funding for additional course

Bill confirms the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board has recognised the value of this learning opportunity by increasing funding for the UFBA to deliver four Leadership and Governance Workshops during the 2017/2018 year as a Year One volunteer initiative—up from three a year previously.

“By learning from Damian D’Cruz and Jane Huria who are leading experts in the field, this workshop gives our members opportunities to enhance skills that will benefit their personal lives, careers and fire and emergency services,” Bill says.

These skills include:

As well as development skills, the workshops provide an ideal forum for participants to learn from like-minded peers and form strong networks throughout New Zealand.

“A valuable interactive course that expands and challenges your thinking to leadership. Group participation and discussion confirm that what we’re doing is fine but it has also given thought for room to improve. The Governance session provided a good insight as to how boards work and play a part in everyday business. Aroused a possible avenue where one could consider being on a Board of Governors.” Steve McSweeney, Hamilton Brigade

Consultancy resource for UFBA/FRFANZ advocacy

UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop graduates are providing an excellent consultancy resource for UFBA/FRFANZ advocacy processes.

Bill says many graduates helped out with member consultation during the transition to Fire and Emergency NZ and are now providing input and feedback on co-design projects.

“Their leadership and guidance will continue to be a major factor in achieving a great response from our members when we gather feedback over the next three years of the integration phase,” he says.

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