Reminder: Advocacy and Support Services for UFBA Members

Posted on 27th August 2020

Your Association has an Individual Advocacy Service available, with an established network of support volunteers across New Zealand, including an experienced Advocate who works full time overseeing complaints and procedure. This trained and experienced team work discreetly across a range of complaints and 60% of cases are resolved within 30 days.  In the last 12 months they’ve handled over 109 cases

Service Honours presentations during Level 2 and 3 alerts

Posted on 18th August 2020

We encourage you to consider Government Covid-19 restrictions when you’re planning your Service Honours presentations. This information is written to provide an overview of the current restrictions under Levels 2 and 3 and some things to think about when planning a service honours presentation. Covid-19 remains a real ongoing risk and nobody can anticipate what may happen in weeks ahead

Let’s shine a light on helmet torches

Let’s shine a light on helmet torches

Posted on 13th August 2020

Volunteers have been asking for helmet torches for years and one brigade has taken the positive step of trialling and recommending a torch. Takaka Volunteer Fire Brigade approached the UFBA’s Membership Advisory Panel (MAP) to gain their support to consult with members on issuing a standard helmet torch to Fire and Emergency NZ operational personnel and asking members

Reach out for professional help and support

Posted on 11th August 2020

Change is needed, change is coming This week should see Fire and Emergency release the all-too important code of behaviour that accompanies the behavioural policies. This is crucial to knowing agreed boundaries for all types of behaviour and creating a safer and more inclusive culture. This is long overdue and has been a long time in the making. There are

Responding creatively in a challenging financial climate

Posted on 31st July 2020

Kia ora, There is no denying this has been a hard year financially for many people and businesses across New Zealand, and the fire and emergency sector is by no means an exception. Fire and Emergency have seen a reduction of around 5% in the Fire Levy that funds the service and consequently, are taking a cautious and measured approach to

Bill’s Blog: UFBA work with FENZ to Enhance Mental Health Research

Posted on 7th July 2020

Kia ora, Last Friday I met with Fire and Emergency and NZPFU to discuss a research brief into the prevalence of mental health impacts amongst firefighters. This was a very positive discussion that recognised the critical importance of this work as a foundation for establishing the best possible Psychological Wellbeing programme for firefighters. NZPFU made a strong case that the

Bill’s blog: How we came to the annual $659 million value of volunteer firefighters

Posted on 30th June 2020

We've had a few member enquiries regarding the valuation of volunteer firefighters annual contribution we quoted in the media last week. The valuation represents an economists view as opposed to a pure financial accounting view and factors in variables and differences to account for the fact not all firefighters nor stations are the same.  The valuation ascribes an

NZ volunteers amongst world’s highest number of unpaid firefighters saving lives, property and $659M

NZ volunteers amongst world’s highest number of unpaid firefighters saving lives, property and $659M

Posted on 22nd June 2020

The 11,500 New Zealanders serving in voluntary brigades throughout the country are amongst the highest number of unpaid firefighters per capita in the world. Speaking at the start of National Volunteer Week, Bill Butzbach, UFBA Chief Executive, today marked the start of National Volunteer Week saying these largely unsung heroes saved New Zealand $659 million per year. “When you look at

FENZ announces service delivery structure and approach to rank and role

FENZ announces service delivery structure and approach to rank and role

Posted on 12th June 2020

Yesterday, Fire and Emergency NZ released their document outlining the decisions they have made on the service delivery branch organisational structure and confirmed the approach to rank. Key decisions include: Establishing 17 Districts across NZ led by 17 District Managers focused on increased community risk reduction, stakeholder engagement and implementing important strategies such as the “Volunteer Strategy”. Establishing 77 Group Manager

Benevolent Fund response to Covid-19 crisis

Benevolent Fund response to Covid-19 crisis

Posted on 22nd May 2020

Special fund set up The UFBA Benevolent Fund Trustees have been working hard over several weeks to put together a workable policy of assistance for members who are facing significant financial hardship due to the impact of the Covid-19 Crisis. Aside from the Fund’s normal day-to-day assistance to members experiencing financial hardship, we have, in the past, been

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