Those Extra $$$

Posted on 3rd February 2011

Where do the extra dollars come from for brigades’ “nice-to-have” items or to help pay for social events like Gold Stars and Honours Nights?

Bar Set for Region 3 and 4 Waterway Teams

Bar Set for Region 3 and 4 Waterway Teams

Posted on 3rd February 2011

With the first two regional waterways down, it’s safe to say the competition in both the two-person and four-person categories is tight. Go to http://www.ufba.org.nz/events/reviews_results_list to view results of the Region 1 and Region 2 UFBA Waterway Challenges that were held in January.

Member Feedback requested on the NZFS Proposal for a Revised Regional Structure

Posted on 21st January 2011

The New Zealand Fire Service has released a paper detailing the proposal for a revised regional model. UFBA brigades and other UFBA member organisations and/or any person otherwise associated with the UFBA are invited to submit comment to this Office no later than 7 February 2011 in order for the UFBA to lodge a submission with NZFS if appropriate.

Fire Shop Closed until Wednesday, 26th January

Posted on 19th January 2011

The UFBA Fireshop is closed from 4.30pm on Wednesday, 19 January until 9am Wednesday 26 January due to Wellington Anniversary weekend (Monday 24 January) and a stocktake. Orders can be placed by fax and email but will not be actioned until Wednesday 26 January.

Now Who’s Who in the UFBA?

Posted on 22nd December 2010

There have been several changes to UFBA personnel and, for the first time elections have been governed under the new UFBA Constitution, Rules, and Regulations.

News from the NZFS Forum

Posted on 22nd December 2010

This year's NZFS Forum included the latest on the Volunteer Sustainability Survey, a recap on the Christchurch Earthquake response by Paul McGill, and a presentation on the organisation's financial status.

Conference Remits

Posted on 22nd December 2010

Two remits were considered at Conference: both were passed.

Order for BA Sets Believed Biggest Ever, Anywhere

Posted on 22nd December 2010

During the Fire Service Forum at the recent UFBA Conference, Paul McGill said he believed the order for the replacement BA sets will be the biggest ever from one manufacturer. It’s huge even by global standards.

Alcohol: Why We Should Worry About It

Posted on 22nd December 2010

Canteens on stations has been a hot topic around the UFBA, and CEO George Verry believes that responsibly and safely managing brigade bars comes down to the leadership of brigade members. So he invited the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) to come along to conference to speak on why responsible drinking is important, and what brigades can do to help change the drinking culture.

Brooklands Knows Leadership

Posted on 22nd December 2010

DCFO Russell Hayes was invited to speak at conference on how Brooklands, one of the worst affected brigades, held it together to do a huge service for their local community after the Canterbury earthquake struck.

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