Member representatives needed for existing working groups

Issue date:

There are vacancies for member representatives on two Fire and Emergency working groups as Glenn Williams, Immediate Past President, CFO Te Puke Fire Brigade has recently resigned.

  • Local Planning/LAC Project
  • Safety Health and Wellbeing Workstream

Member representatives and the support groups that will work with them, need to have skills and experience relevant to the working group’s purpose. If you have the relevant skills and experience we need you.

If you would like to represent UFBA members on one of these working groups and for a copy of our Terms of Reference, please email a brief CV and contact details to membershipsupport@ufba.org.nz

The MAP will consider all CVs alongside the terms of reference for the project to determine the most suitable representative.

Those who send in a suitable CV will also be invited to form a support group to review and collate feedback from members which the UFBA will gather. This group will be responsible for working with the representative to form advice to present on behalf of members. This process will be overseen by the MAP on behalf of the Board.

Local Planning/LAC Project

Purpose: To provide feedback on the proposed role and function of the Local Advisory Committees.

Update: The Local Planning/LAC Project involved several workshops during lockdown. Seven of the LACs have been established and commenced their work. There are still several LACs to be established. These LACs will be reviewed in 2021 before decisions are made about establishing further committees.

Safety Health and Wellbeing Workstream

Purpose: Unions and associations provide input into the development of policies that established the ground for FENZ.

Update: The Safety Health and Wellbeing Workstream has been up and running for over three years. It has achieved some positive outcomes for members and has been a good example of the collaboration and co-operation between unions and associations. This workstream was responsible for the SH&W Commitment which FENZ signed up to at the commencement of Integration on 1 July 2017.

There is still a large amount of work to do, including the Health Standards. We recognise that consultation will be required with members on this work. Notice of consultation will come out via Brigade representatives, Provincial Associations and our usual communications channels.