Muster holidays for Service Honours during Covid-19

  Posted on 8th May 2020 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

With the restrictions on gatherings due to Covid-19, we know it’s been impossible to hold conventional musters. A recommendation from our Service & Ceremonial Committee to the UFBA Board has been approved and so during Lockdown at Level 4 and Level 3 all brigade members are entitled to a ‘muster holiday’. This essentially means all those enrolled members, ordinarily part of your brigade, can be registered as ‘present’. All musters that would have been held during Level 4 and Level 3 count towards Service Honours.

We know many of you have still maintained contact using online and social media tools and we commend you for your initiative and support for each other. Could we ask that all Secretaries please amend records accordingly (and please could you share with your brigade Secretaries).

Thank you from the UFBA Membership Team ����

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