Nelson/Tasman fire update from FENZ

  Posted on 7th February 2019 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

You’ll no doubt be aware of the large 1900 hectare wildfires currently being fought in the Nelson/Tasman region based around Pigeon Valley. Over 100 firefighters, 22 helicopters and 2 winged planes have been deployed to tackle this blaze with many of them volunteers.  

Here’s an update for today from Fire and Emergency.

How does this now affect deployment to Tasmania?

Fire and Emergency are continuing with the deployment as scheduled of our firefighters to support Tasmania in fighting the huge wild fires they are experiencing. A risk assessment has been completed on our resourcing across the country and Fire and Emergency NZ are confident that all risk can be managed and covered.

Here at the UFBA we wish to thank each of those personnel involved in these challenging fires for their ongoing commitment in trying to protect the community and land. Kia kaha!

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