New website finally arrives!

Issue date:

We're pleased to offer members a better online experience as we now have an updated and refreshed website.

Our website is one of the main communications channels we use to reach thousands of you across the country. Our previous site - while quite novel for it's time in it's use of discussion boards and other features - was on a platform that was no longer supported and some of you may have experienced hiccups with lagging and site crashes. Some of the previous features have since been superseded by other platforms like our Facebook page for open discussion.

Development work has been delayed as we looked to integrate the site with our database - this will be the next step and will follow shortly, offering 'member-only' areas and content. We also have a new shop and will tie this in with new products coming soon. You'll no longer need to log in to use the shop either. Watch this space.

We thank you for your patience and hope you can now find the information you need a lot easier.

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