Less paperwork, more community work

  Posted on 28th September 2017 by Loralee Hyde in Integration, Membership news, UFBA News

Member consultation on admin tasks coming near you

Volunteers have long-told the UFBA that administration tasks are time-consuming, complex and inefficient. These processes distract leaders and support people from doing important work such as training, development and succession planning.

We know volunteers want to spend as much of their valuable volunteering time as possible on activities that serve their communities—and just the minimal volunteer time necessary on paperwork and associated administration activities.

Spending too much time on administration also does not fit with the new volunteerism principles and intention of the new Fire and Emergency NZ legislation which requires better supported volunteers.

Making it easier for volunteers

Working side by side to ensure we achieve the best outcomes possible for volunteers, a Fire and Emergency NZ and UFBA Volunteer Support Year One initiative is underway with the aim of making it easier to be a volunteer.

Daniel Vena has come on board in the Fire and Emergency NZ Volunteer Resilience team to work closely with volunteers in different parts of the country, to understand their experiences and identify the most time-consuming admin tasks, capture processes and to see how we can better support local volunteer needs.

A core outcome of this work is to ensure ‘your voice is heard’.

Daniel will kick-off his work in the deep south with Steve Lee and will work alongside volunteers in other areas in the coming months.

We will let our membership know when consultation on admin tasks is planned in your area.

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