Proposed changes to the Technical Panel and Challenge Committee

  Posted on 9th October 2020 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

Proposed changes to the Technical Panel and Challenge Committee

Following the introduction of the new Constitution passed by members, the UFBA is putting into place a new modernised policy around the role of the Technical Panel and Challenges Committee.
The current Technical Panel Convenor and Events Manager have recommended changes to the current structure that have been endorsed by the Membership Advisory Panel (MAP). These are the following:

We would like your views on these proposals:

A change of name from Technical Panel to Challenges Panel. 

We noted a confusion amongst members around the titles and name of the Technical Panel (TP) and their relation to function and purpose.  To provide clarity and make the titles operational and relevant, we propose that they be changed to Challenge Panel and Challenge Panel Leader.

Appointment process

The constitution no longer requires members to vote on TP membership.  To ensure we appoint suitable candidates with relevant skills and experience, we will revise the recruitment process.  This will mean that the most qualified candidate is appointed based on skillset to provide skills-based guidance to competitors and officials, resource Challenges effectively and provide advice on rule changes and how to grow the Challenge program.

New Challenge Committee

To streamline the structure of the Challenge Committee so that decisions can be made at an operational level, we propose making all representatives on the committee key operational personnel who can make decisions about resourcing and delivery. This would include UFBA CEO, UFBA Events Manager, UFBA Challenge Panel Leader, FENZ National Manager Fleet, DCE Service Delivery and FENZ National Manager People & Workforce Capability. This will also enable the UFBA to align Challenge learning outcomes and rule changes with FENZ objectives and brigade needs. The position of Challenge Chair is no longer required as risk management, planning, budgeting, and Board engagement is fulfilled by the Events Manager and Technical Panel Convenor.

We continue to modernise our events governance and management, in response to a changing environment. This is key to making sure our events remain well-resourced, successful with relevant learning outcomes, and accessible to all of our members.

We welcome your thoughts on these changes. Please send your comments to before 22 October 2020.

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