Service honours alignment - FRFANZ and UFBA

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Updates on FRFANZ /UFBA Service Honours alignment

For rural brigades moving from FRFANZ to UFBA awards you can find further information below and through the link here.

  1. FRFANZ awards have different year-values to UFBA awards. How will they be aligned?

A special FRFANZ 1 year bar is being made available to assist members to align their service awards

  1. How will this work?

One or two 1 year bar(s) can be used to align FRFANZ awards with UFBA awards

  1. Can I continue to be issued with, and to wear, FRFANZ awards?

Yes, but there will be an expiry date – as far out as 2045

  1. I have joined my rural brigade in recent months. Can I opt to qualify for, and receive, FRFANZ service awards?

No, newly-enrolled members of rural fire brigades will receive only UFBA awards. These new members are spearheading the ‘new generation’ of UFBA awards for all New Zealand firefighters

  1. In this case (4 above), will I be eligible for the UFBA’s 3 Year Certificate?

Yes, provided attendances over the 3 years meet UFBA rules. 

  1. Can I swap my FRAFNZ medal and bars for UFBA medal and bars for the equivalent service?

Yes, at any time, provided there is no doubling-up of service recognition

  1. What if the number of my years’ service doesn’t match UFBA awards?

Use the special 1 year FRFANZ bar to bridge the 1 or 2 year gap… or one or more of your existing FRFANZ bars might be taken off… to align the years of service  

  1. I wish to retain the awards I was given by FRFANZ but want to switch to UFBA awards in the future, so may I wear a combination of FRFANZ and UFBA awards on my uniform?

Yes, provided the awards represent continuous service without any doubling-up

  1. How do I get my years of service to align before making the switch to UFBA awards?

There are 2 ways: Either use the special FRFANZ 1 year bar to synchronise service and then make the switch or take off the requisite number of FRFANZ bars to align with the UFBA equivalent and then make the switch

  1. How do I arrange to switch to UFBA awards?

Your brigade secretary can help or contact the UFBA office

  1. How much will it cost to purchase UFBA awards?

The prices for the awards are available from the UFBA office

  1. Our Brigade has not issued service awards before. How, and to whom, do we do we apply?

Application is to the UFBA office for either FRFANZ or UFBA awards. Proof of service will be required so have information/documentation ready. The office may ask for further evidence: it has suggestions that can help with this process.