Service Honours presentations during Level 2 and 3 alerts

  Posted on 18th August 2020 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

We encourage you to consider Government Covid-19 restrictions when you’re planning your Service Honours presentations. This information is written to provide an overview of the current restrictions under Levels 2 and 3 and some things to think about when planning a service honours presentation. Covid-19 remains a real ongoing risk and nobody can anticipate what may happen in weeks ahead - we strongly advise you to bear in mind that circumstances and levels can change and you need to be prepared.

Level 3

Brigades should not hold any events at Level 3 alert. Fire and Emergency states that all local activities such as promotions and other small gatherings are prohibited.

Level 2

Presentations can go ahead at Level 2, subject to the following restrictions. UFBA recommends that brigades consider:

As a preventative measure to lessen the risk of bringing Covid to the South Island, our president will not attend North Island Service Honours presentations

Government guidelines state that gatherings must not exceed 100 people in one space (including catering/cleaning staff and contractors). Fire and Emergency guidelines state that no functions are to be held at fire stations – only staff should visit the site.

QR codes should be used for all events. To get a QR code go to NZ COVID Tracer QR codes.

For Service Honours events you should:

  1. Greet people
  2. Ensure they use the QR code or complete details on written register (or the facilitator could do this)
  3. Ensure surfaces are sanitised and pen is cleaned with single-use wipe between users.
  1. Sanitising liquid available for frequent cleaning of surfaces (this could be a soapy water solution)
  2. Dispose of cleaning cloths after each use
  3. Recommendation: that someone is responsible for regularly cleaning toilet and basins
  4. Ensure each toilet has soap and paper towels, and that the bin is emptied regularly
  1.  For buffet meals catering staff hold serving implements and serve food or provide individual portions

More information is available

If your brigade would prefer to reschedule your service honours function, please contact our Service Honours staff

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