Shaping the positions under Service Delivery

  Posted on 7th February 2019 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

With your voice we’ve already made suggestions to shape the FENZ Operating Model and the Strategic Leadership Team. Now it’s the next step in organisational design.

This stage looks at the parts of Fire and Emergency that further drive integration – the team reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery.

What this looks like at the moment

You’ll all be familiar with whether you are a brigade or fire force and therefore whether you come under ‘urban’ or ‘rural’ fire. The proposal for roles reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery will look to unify the provision of service delivery, through new leadership structures and positions, operational boundaries, and the way Fire and Emergency works and responds to incidents.

What we need you to do

FENZ want you to ask questions and make your own submission via by 25 February.

Ask yourself, how clear is this to you and do you think this could be done better? Does this represent how you feel about your place within the service? What works well for you, or what concerns do you have?

Check your Fire and Emergency email for your ‘ConsiderThis’ logon details or email if you are unable to log onto ConsiderThis.

We’ll be collating any feedback from you, our members, into our joint UFBA and FRFANZ association submission – if you’d like to contribute towards our submission please tell us what you think.

Drop us an email to by end of Wednesday 20 February and we’ll add your voice to our mix.

So urban, rural, something else? Tell us what you think…

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