Special Covid Fund remains open

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In 2020 the UFBA Benevolent Fund Trustees put together a financial assistance package for personnel facing significant financial hardship due to the impact of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

This Special Covid Fund remains open in 2021, due to the ever-present threat of Covid-19.

“We encourage applications on behalf of personnel facing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19. While we cannot be everything to everyone in this crisis, our aim is to provide some assistance to personnel and their families in dire need of support,” says Benevolent Fund Chair, Alan Cockburn.

He says the UFBA’s focus will be to ensure personnel and their families have ‘food on the table,’ and this will be reflected in the UFBA’s assessment of applications received.

This Fund is available to members of all brigades and rural fire forces, regardless of their membership status with the UFBA.

Please note applications from intended recipients will not be accepted. Applications should be made and endorsed by the relevant CFO/OIC.

Make an application by filling out the form below. 

Questions should be directed to Benevolent Fund Secretary Jane Davie, phone 0274 428 655 or email jane@ufba.org.nz