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The latest UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop was held in April - 100 per cent of respondents to a satisfaction survey rated the content of the course and the delivery by the two presenters and their engagement as excellent/above average.

All would recommend the workshop to their brigade members or other brigades.

Key UFBA strategy

A key objective in the UFBA Strategic Plan is to build strong and sustainable brigades.

Chief Executive Officer George Verry says promoting and providing leadership and governance development is just one of the strategies the UFBA has put in place to achieve this objective.

The UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop is the ideal course to enhance vital life skills.

“Strengthening leadership and governance skills leads to the successful operation of brigades,” George says.

“Leadership is a quality that every firefighter can demonstrate in their brigade and in their personal life.”

Ninth workshop

To continue to grow the level of leadership resource, the ninth UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop took place in Wellington from 7-9 April, bringing the total number of graduates to 138 personnel around the country.

As well as strengthening skills in brigades, workshop graduates are also providing an excellent consultancy resource for UFBA advocacy processes.

“Many graduates made themselves available to help out with our member consultation for the Fire Services Review in June 2015,” George says. “Each phoned a number of brigades to answer queries and allay concerns.

“Their leadership and guidance made a major contribution to the tremendous response we had from both brigades and individuals to the UFBA Fire Services Review feedback questionnaire.”

Graduates are now engaging with their rural colleagues to encourage them to join UFBA so we can support them during the transition to a new unified fire and emergency services organisation.

Rurals welcome to apply

With both the content and presenters (Damian D’Cruz and Jane Huria) being highly-regarded by workshop participants, the Leadership and Governance Workshop connects and engages firefighters from across the country as well as enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Until now, the majority of workshop participants have been from volunteer fire brigades. However, George stresses nominations from UFBA rural fire force members are welcome.

“I urge all brigades who are members of UFBA - volunteer or paid, urban or rural - to consider making nominations,” he says.

“I felt it hugely beneficial to attend the course in April. The presenters were excellent and connected well with all the different types of people. In particular, the overview presented to explain the difference between governance and operations/administration was incredibly helpful. I highly recommend the course to all brigade leaders (not just Chiefs) and potential leaders. Well done UFBA!” Howard Logan, Fire Chief Awhitu Rural Fire Force

Encouraging diversity

Promoting and encouraging diversity within our fire and emergency services is also a key UFBA strategy to foster and sustain healthy and productive brigades.

Attending a Leadership and Governance Workshop is an ideal opportunity for women to network and build connections with others and enhance their skills - which will benefit them in both their brigades and personal lives.

“I recommend the course to anyone, no matter their position in the fire service or workplace. I am first generation firefighter in my family and hold firefighter rank so am still very new to the fire service. However this workshop is more than just for leaders or committee members—it has given me the skills and tools to help me to become a better team member both in the fire service and workplace. I am feeling motivated and empowered.” Alyssa Kingi, Taupo Volunteer Fire Brigade

George says 14.5 per cent of Leadership and Governance workshop graduates to date are women.

“I look forward to seeing this percentage rise as leaders further recognise this course is an ideal tool to develop and encourage diversity in their brigades.”

Apply now to strengthen your skills

Strong leadership is key to us working together to deliver vital services to our local communities. Enhance your leadership skills at this fully interactive 2.5 day UFBA Leadership and Governance workshop.

UFBA manages and covers the cost of travel arrangements, accommodation and meals. Find out more about the next UFBA Leadership and Governance Workshop ...

If you are interested in attending or nominating someone for a UFBA Leadership & Governance Workshop (the next one is from 6-8 October in Wellington—spaces are limited), email Victoria

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