UFBA consulted by Volunteering NZ for submission on volunteer tax rebates

  Posted on 11th May 2018 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA News

By invitation, Volunteering New Zealand has made a submission to the Tax Working Group (on 30 April 2018) regarding making changes to the tax system to benefit volunteers and volunteering. A key recommendation is to give real consideration to the implementation of a ‘Volunteer Tax Rebate’.

The UFBA under our Memorandum of Understanding with Volunteering NZ was consulted to input into the submission as advocate of one of New Zealand’s largest volunteer workforces. The submission in full can be seen here.

With 12,000 volunteer firefighters across New Zealand, the UFBA and Volunteering NZ recognise not just the benefits to the community but also to the wider economy and want to ensure the interest of volunteers are considered.

While UFBA and Volunteering NZ propose the government consider a volunteer tax rebate for individuals, it was recognised that it is not a simple measure to put in place.  Feedback included concerns over the administrative costs in tracking volunteer hours. However for an industry facing the challenge of a drop in recruitment this could prove an incentive to support a culture of volunteerism.

It was Volunteering NZ’s recommendation, supported by UFBA, to further investigate the likely costs and benefits of the new tax rebate for volunteers.

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