UFBA discusses plans for the roll-out of Covid vaccinations

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The Government is currently developing plans for the provision of COVID-19 vaccinations as part of its $37 million vaccine strategy (you can read more about this here). Their current focus will be to strengthen our border and prevent any community transmission, whilst also developing contingency for clusters and widespread outbreaks.

The UFBA are meeting with FENZ Acting CE Russell Wood in discussions on the best way to sequence delivery of the vaccination, to provide the best protection for those who are at a higher risk of negative health outcomes from COVID-19.

We will be consulting with your UFBA representatives on the Covid-19 task force – introduced in our April 2020 newsletter – whose regional and cross-sector perspectives will help inform on some of the distinct challenges and needs that could be anticipated. We will provide appropriate feedback to Russell and keep members advised.

Covid-19 update pic