UFBA representatives needed for the Standards of Conduct Policy workshop

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The Independent Review includes recommendations around reviewing Fire and Emergency’s Standards of Conduct policy, and Managing Alleged Misconduct procedure/processes.  They want to ensure their policies and procedures are fit for purpose and reflective of Fire and Emergency both now and in the future.  Their Standards of Conduct policy is a foundational document which will set out what is expected of them, responsibilities of leaders, and connects to Fire and Emergency’s values and Code of Behaviour.  They need to hear from their people about what is important to them at Fire and Emergency.

In the same way Fire and Emergency’s developed and designed the Code of Behaviour, they want to run a series of workshops with key stakeholder groups – including representatives from unions and associations, the women’s network, volunteer group, HR/ER/SHW, and the Respect and Inclusion Taskforce.

The two-hour workshop will be held online (on Teams), facilitated by Humankind (an external consultancy).  Participants will need to have access to a good internet connection and a quiet workspace where you can join on a laptop.  The workshop will also use an app called Mural, which allows participants to provide feedback and comments in an interactive way, and can be left open for a period of time afterwards for participants to add any further notes or feedback.  Pre-reading will be sent out in advance.

The volunteer workshop will be held early 2021 (late Jan/ Feb).  Fire and Emergency and the UFBA encourage participants to share information from the workshop and discuss with their brigade/team.

The UFBA welcome nominations from  interested people to represent the membership (three representatives are needed) – ideally a diverse group (including geographically, length of service and role) to ensure  capture as many different voices as possible.  If interested people could indicate a preference for day/time we can schedule the workshop according to what is suitable for the majority.  If you are interested send through a brief outline of your experience and knowledge in this area to Angela Christie: angela@ufba.org.nz by 11 January.

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