UFBA Drivers Challenge 2020 cancelled

  Posted on 12th May 2020 by Nick Cottrell in UFBA blog, UFBA News

We know many of our members are desperately hoping to return to our popular Challenge Events following Covid-19 lockdown. However, in light of ongoing and anticipated restrictions on events we must make the decision to cancel Drivers Challenge 2020. 

The decision takes into account anticipated uncertainty around limiting gatherings to 100 people or less over shorter periods, being able to observe social distancing, drastically limited availability of flights and restrictions on FENZ non-essential travel. Furthermore, as an essential service there are risks when we come together in large groups and Drivers typically sees more than 100 attendees from across the country coming together.

We very much share your disappointment and appreciate the support shown to the Events Team and Technical Panel. For now, we’ll focus on our planned online AGM and look forward to seeing you all back for the 2021 UFBA Challenge Events season. Remember we are always looking for hosts, so help us bring the 2021 events to your part of the country.

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