Are you ready for a Challenge?

  Posted on 6th October 2014 by Louise in Event News, UFBA News

Are you ready for a Challenge?

Get set for Waterways...

The 2015 Waterways season kicks off in January. With four regional Challenges leading up to the National finale, it’s time to get involved and get training now!

Our Waterway Challenges are a UFBA tradition dating back as far as 1885. They’re a great opportunity to put your hose-running and pump-operating skills whilst experiencing the thrill of a competition.

Enter two teams - the UFBA funds one two-person and one four-person team from each brigade to attend the Regional Waterway Challenge in their region and the National Waterway Challenge.

The Carterton team have won three out of the last four National Challenges. Last year, Balclutha’s four-person team and Darfield’s two-person team were the 2013 National Waterway Champions. Can your brigade rise to the challenge and win in 2015?

Watch out for the registration information that will be sent to all brigades mid-October and available on this website. Registrations open at the end of November.

Tom Reid from the UFBA Technical Panel has competed in Waterway Challenges for the last 24 years. Here he shares some tips...

Tom's Tips for Waterways

  1. Ask your brigade and local Provincial Association about support and funding available for equipment and training outside your region.

  2. Has your brigade or area competed previously? Get advice from previous competitors, local Officials or your Provincial Technical Panel.

  3. Download, print and familiarise yourself with the Waterway Rules here.

  4. Learn about the 17 events and penalty allocations.

  5. Organise your team based on Fire Service knowledge and skill set. E.g. someone competent around pumps, hose runners and people with strong hand-eye coordination.

  6. Write down the job sequence for each person. Individuals should learn their sequence only and try not to ask others about their jobs, as it can take away from their preparation.

  7. Plan a training timetable so that the team are clear on training sessions. Set prompt start times.

  8. Get a support person or manager to record your times to help with training.

  9. Set out a track to the NZ standard. Get the track information from the Waterway Rules.

  10. Install permanent markers to make it quick and easy to position the appliance correctly for each training session.

  11. Arrange training gear to be set aside from operational requirements. Keep it well serviced.

  12. Arrange suitable footwear that provides traction in all conditions. If rugby boots, only alloy studs are allowed. For the person climbing the tower, events 25 or 45, an alternative pair of Level 1 boots or touch shoes are required.

Start training

Practice, practice, practice, that’s what it’s all about! By practicing your job sequence regularly for each event, you will get faster and more accurate.

Provincial training days are an ideal opportunity to put your skills to the test, get training and coaching tips and refine your technique. See training dates here.


Plan each event

On the day

Enjoy your time training and competing! Best of luck.

Click here to see Waterway Challenge dates and training days.

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