Waterways Back in Full Force

  Posted on 14th November 2010 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Waterways Back in Full Force

Waterway teams from around the country are gearing up and getting excited for the 2010-11 season.  Provincial competitions are already in full swing around the country, and the Technical Panel has been busy attending these events.  

The introduction of the new rules in 2008 has leveled the playing field, so there’s never been a better time for new teams to get involved.

In an effort to encourage more participation in waterways, the Technical Panel will continue to be available for provincial events to offer advice on the rules and support new teams as they learn the ropes.  And when possible, experienced teams will join the panel to demonstrate the runs.  

Kim Stewart, Technical Panel Chairman, encourages any teams or provincial associations that have questions about the waterways, or wish to invite the Panel along to an event, to make contact through the UFBA Technical Panel Page.

Nelson/Marlborough Jumps Back on the Waterway Wagon

In late October, the Nelson/Marlborough Provincial Association hosted the Top of the South Firefighter Challenge in Renwick – its first waterway competition in nine years.  Teams from Takaka, Renwick, and Blenheim competed, and the Australasian Champion Carterton team made the trip to give the new teams some tips and tricks on the runs.  With the majority of competitors being new to waterways, it was a great opportunity for them to pick up new techniques and learn the ins and outs of the rules.

“Having (UFBA Technical Panel members) Bryan Styles and Kim Stewart at the competition, as well as the experienced Carterton team there to share its knowledge really helped,” says Ross Bailey, President of the Nelson/Marlborough Provincial Association.  “I’d encourage any provincial that’s looking to increase participation in waterways to take advantage of their expertise.” 

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Waterway Team

  1. It’s a great way to sharpen your firefighting skills, and learn new techniques from other teams.
  2. You’ll travel around the country and network with other brigades – a fantastic opportunity to share information (and socialize, of course).
  3. You’ll promote teamwork and build morale in your brigade.
  4. Competitors are fully funded (as long as travel, accommodation and expenses are in line with UFBA policy), so you won’t be out of pocket.
  5. Because firefighting + the thrill of competition = a great time. 

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