Individual advocacy and support

Advocacy with Megan 1020NC
Are you experiencing conflict, or want to raise a dispute or complaint about someone in your brigade or the service? Don't suffer in silence - call us today on 0508 832 269.

Our Individual advocacy and support service provides independent help: from being a confidential sounding board providing advice to full mediation support when you are experiencing conflict, disputes or raising complaints.  We support;

  • Individuals being bullied or facing harassment or discrimination either within their brigade or with broader chains of command
  • Whole brigades suffering conflict or in need of a voice

Our support service is provided free (under FENZ Act section 36 & 37) to all current brigade volunteers and forms part of the Fire and Emergency disputes resolution process.

Who will help me?

Our team consists of both past and current brigade members with experience in conflict management and the sector. If your enquiry develops into a case, this will be overseen by our trained Advocacy and Support Advisor, who has been instrumental in working to develop the workplace bullying policies and code of behaviour with Fire and Emergency through involvement on the Respect and Inclusion Taskforce.

Our Advocacy and Support Advisor works with a team of experienced volunteers across the country to offer on-the-ground support when you need it, so you are not alone.

Who funds the service

While we are funded by Fire and Emergency - through their obligations under the Fire and Emergency Act 2017 Section 36 & 37 - we are an independent organisation. We stand up for individual's rights and fair treatment under the principles of natural justice.

You can be assured your privacy will be respected and cases are treated with absolute confidentiality and professionalism.

In our last year we have supported over 120 individuals to resolve a conflict or dispute. We have also helped prevent a brigade from disestablishment by advocating on their behalf to Fire and Emergency.

Don't ever suffer in silence or accept below-the-line behaviour - call us on 0508 832 269 for a confidential chat or email