UFBA Annual Conference & AGM

The UFBA holds an Annual Conference in Spring every year with around 400 delegates from member brigades across the country.

The Conference is the UFBA's AGM with keynote speakers, workshops, exhibitions and social functions. It's fully-funded and an exciting opportunity to:

Held at different locations across the country, the 2017 UFBA 139th Annual Conference will be in Auckland from Friday 27 October to Sunday 29 October.

Further Info

Funding - Each brigade is fully-funded to send one member to the Conference. The UFBA covers the cost of flights, transfers, mileage (where applicable), accommodation and meals. Full details on funding is sent to brigades in July of each year.

Sponsorship - There are lots of opportunities to get involved as a sponsor. We would love to hear from you, contact our Events Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q » When will the conference registration information be sent out to brigades?

Information will be sent to brigades in early July.  The information will also be published on the website the day that it is mailed out.

Q » When can we nominate our delegate to attend?

Brigades are able to nominate their delegate at any time during the year, the paperwork will need to be submitted to the UFBA by the due date.

Q » Can I book my accommodation and travel before the online registration opens?

If you are a funded delegate we would prefer that you use the online system to book your flights and accommodation after you've sent your Delegate Notification form through to the Office. No accommodation or flight bookings should be made before you register online.

We would prefer you to book in accordance with the registration document as we are then able to track your reservation and transport requirements and the processing of expense claims can be more timely. In addition, the UFBA has access to rates that the general public does not.

Q » Why can I see a cheaper flight on the Air NZ site rather than the Orbit Travel site?

If you check the Air NZ site and you select a couple of seats to compare against Orbit, this then "removes" them from the inventory so these seats will not display in Orbit's online system or any other booking system (including Air NZ's for other people looking at the flight). 

It's a live web feed so any seats booked or viewed by other travellers impacts immediately on the seats that are able to be displayed by Orbit and Air NZ.  Likewise, if you  look in Orbit's booking tool 2 mins after checking the Air NZ site, the inventory could have changed with seats being selected by other travellers and  so it may not have the same seat availability

Q » Why is there no longer a Gold Star Dinner at conference?

Over the years the conference schedule and timeframes have changed.  As the conference is now run over three days, there is no available night for a separate Gold Star Function.  The feedback that we have had over the last few years is that attendees would prefer to go to the all inclusive Welcome Function on the first night rather than be separated out. 

Q » I'm a funded delegate, am I able to share my room with an Observer from either my brigade or another brigade?

Yes - if you intend to twin share your accommodation, please ensure that the person who is funded notes this at the time of registration.

Q » How many Observers can my brigade send?

Funded brigades are eligible for one funded delegate to conference.  Brigades may opt to send additional members as Observers.  There is no cap on the number of Observers that any one brigade sends.

Q » Why do I have to wear undress uniform on Sunday?

Sunday is the day that we install the new officers and it is a formal occasion which requires undress uniform.

Q » Can my partner attend the Welcome Lunch?

The Welcome Lunch is an opportunity for delegates and sponsors to meet and network with each other in a relaxed environment - partners will be able to join you at the evening social function.

Q » I know what my total expenses will be before the conference. Can I send my expense claim before the conference?

Expense claims are processed after the Conference.

Q » I have special dietary requirements; will you be able to help me?

When you register, there is a place for you to enter your dietary requirements. If you forget to do so, or if they have changed, please contact the Events Team.  The UFBA will make arrangements for those with special diets where possible.  We must receive notice of special diets no less than 10 working days before the Conference in order to notify all our suppliers.

Q » Will I be able to sit with my friends at conference?

There will be reserved seating at conference for Past Presidents, the Board, VIP guests and media.  Nominated Brigade Delegates will be able to collect thier brigade name plate at registration and will be able to choose where they sit.

Q » Will I get picked up from the airport when I get to the Conference destination?

A Transport Coordinator is established via the Local Organising Committee. If you have booked your flights through Orbit Travel, the UFBA Office automatically generates a transfers report from those details and passes it on to the Transport Coordinator.

If you have booked your flights outside of Orbit Travel, you need to let the Events Team know that you require transfers. Failing to provide us with that information could lead to you not getting the transport required.

You have the option of selecting 'no transfers required' at the time of registration if they are not needed.

Transfer and transport arrangements between the destination airport, accommodation and social function venues are organised once Registration closes and transfer details are sent to all Delegates in the final information email that is sent out a week or so before the Conference date. It is your responsibility to take note of and be on time for pick-ups so that the Transport Committee can run to schedule.

Q » My itinerary is incorrect. What do I do?

If you think your itinerary for flights and/or accommodation is incorrect, please contact the person at Orbit Travel who emailed it to you and discuss it and any amendments directly with them.


UFBA Reimbursement Policy for Challenges & Conferences
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