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Individual Fire and Emergency NZ Volunteers: Disputes, complaints or conflict
Enhancing the health of individual brigades/rural fire forces
Advocacy on Policy and Legislation
UFBA Advocacy Charter

Disputes, complaints or conflict

For individual Fire and Emergency New Zealand volunteers

UFBA is recognised by Fire and Emergency New Zealand as key partners for providing advocacy and support services to our members. 

We also have a high level of understanding of the processes of the two new Fire and Emergency NZ dispute resolution processes:

As an individual Fire and Emergency New Zealand volunteer, you can access advocacy and support services provided by UFBA for any dispute, complaint or conflict, free of charge.

Phone us:

Monday - Friday Freephone 0508 832 269

Or send us a confidential message here

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Enhancing the health of individual brigades/rural fire forces

UFBA provide a range of support services designed to:

Our aim is to build strong brigades/rural fire forces that will provide highly-skilled contributions to the health and safety of the communities they serve.

As independent organisations, UFBA are well-positioned to represent members and provide sound advice when needed.

Phone us Monday - Friday Freephone 0508 832 269 or send us a confidential message here

Advocating on Policy and Legislation

At the highest level, our advocacy focuses on influencing and effecting relevant change for members as a group to our principal stakeholder - Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

UFBA actively represent and advance the interests of our members by advocating on policy and legislation at a governmental level.

Decisions made by the Government, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and other fire organisations can significantly impact the way brigades and fire forces function.

We stay up to date on issues that matter to our members and ensure their best interests are always kept in the forefront as decision makers introduce new procedures and policies.

UFBA Advocacy Charter

UFBA was established expressly to represent and promote the interests of member fire brigades and fire forces.

Advocacy is the key to fulfilling this objective.

To set out the enduring high level principles we will follow to deliver effective advocacy, we have established a UFBA Advocacy Charter.

The principles include:


Brigade reps ToR
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UFBA/FRFANZ Advocacy and Support Services
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UFBA Advocacy Charter
Download File (pdf, 175KB, last modified February 26 2017)

Youth engagement 

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Psychological Wellbeing

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