BAU for Volunteer firefighters

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We appreciate that UFBA members will be reading media reports which are highlighting the potential for strike action for paid firefighters.

While formal notice of this has not yet been received by FENZ, the UFBA have been in discussions with FENZ CE Kerry Gregory, who has advised that there are no plans to request volunteer firefighters to crew any paid appliance, under any circumstances. Volunteer appliances will be dispatched as normal, as per the beat lists.

Volunteer firefighters will continue to be valued for the service they give to protect their communities and the UFBA will continue to work with FENZ to ensure this is respected.

The welfare of yourself and your Brigade is of the utmost importance. If you or your brigade have any concerns, please contact our Advocacy and Support Team on 0508 832 269 or email support@ufba.org.nz.