Protective Barrier Hoods

Issue date:

We have had some inquiries from members regarding the new protective barrier hoods that have only been distributed to some brigades and not others.

Research undertaken by the Fire and Emergency Carcinogen Control Project identified a risk to the health of firefighters exposed to carcinogens in smoke, which can be absorbed through the skin around the face and neck. The current flash hood provides minimal protection against this risk.  In response to this risk, Fire and Emergency undertook an emergency purchase of 5,000 protective hoods and distributed them to the 100 busiest stations which included 850 volunteers across 35 brigades.

As a result of the emergency purchase, a full procurement and trial process was completed. The process took longer than originally planned due to COVID and the ability to do face-to-face trialling to assess the suitability. This measured approach included consultation with the UFBA and was trialled by nominated volunteer representatives across the country.

The procurement selection process has now been completed and a recommended hood has been selected.  Fire and Emergency are now at the funding and manufacturing part of the process. It is Fire and Emergency’s intention to roll out the new protective barrier hood to all brigades, details on the timeline of this rollout will be released in the first half of this year.