UFBA Professional Standards Membership Consultation Results

Issue date:

Thank you to members who participated in the consultation process to review the proposed UFBA Professional standards.

  • 83% agreed that the professional behavioural standards of the UFBA and its Members were clearly outlined in the draft Code of Professional Membership Behaviour Policy
  • 79% agreed the Disciplinary and Complaints Committee Policy included all that was required for it to run effectively. 77% agreed that this Policy supported the requirements for natural justice.
  • 84% agreed that the standards proposed for UFBA employees aligned with those expected of the Association and its members. 80% agreed that this Policy supported the requirements for natural justice.

Members asked that further consideration be given to:

  • how the potential for a power imbalance is managed during a dispute. Particularly in smaller towns or brigades; between local leaders and volunteers; between experienced volunteers and new volunteer recruits; with females; between Members and UFBA employees, and where a complaint involves management or the Board.
  • simplify the language used, and remove reference to family.
  • a view that some standards may be too high or subjective, and that additional wording may be helpful to better describe acceptable behaviour within the circumstances of a situation.
  • a general acknowledgement that whilst a policy may be written well, of equal importance is how it is implemented.
  • for there to be more independence in the process.

Next steps:

The policies are being revised to incorporate member feedback, and to align with Fire and Emergency expectations, where that is directly relevant to Membership policies.  The Membership Advisory Panel will then review the proposed amendments on behalf of the membership prior to Board approval of the changes.  The UFBA will then establish the Committee consistent with the UFBA Constitution and the approved UFBA policy.