The New Zealand Fire Brigades' Institute of New Zealand is the technical arm of the United Fire Brigades' Association of New Zealand.

Its aims are:

Do you want to be on the NZFBI Council?

“Do you hold a Member Diploma or higher?

Do you have a vested interest in the NZFBI and promoting training, insight and knowledge about fire fighting to fellow fire fighters?

Are you in a Brigade or Fire Force affiliated with the UFBA?

The NZFBI is looking for two new Councillors to start on the Council in November 2019.  There is currently one position available that an individual could be co-opted onto the Council until November.

Your duties would include attending meeting at least quarterly a year, managing Field Days, providing governance into the NZFBI Scholarship, contributing ideas online with other Councillor members, research into technical articles for promulgation in the UFBA newsletter and on the Facebook page and promoting innovative fire fighting ideas.

Ideally candidates should have completed the UFBA Leadership & Governance workshop or express a desire to complete it during their tenure on the Council (tenure expected to last 4-5 years).

Applicants should complete the nomination form and forward through to the UFBA office before 4 September 2019"

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New Zealand Fire Brigades’ Institute Rules
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NZFBI 2015 AGM Minutes
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NZFBI 2014 AGM Minutes
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NZFBI 2016 AGM Minutes
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NZFBI 2017 AGM Minutes
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NZFBI Election Notice
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NZFB Nomination form
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