FENZ Complaints Management Consultation

Issue date:

On Tuesday 25 July, Fire and Emergency released their consultation document outlining options for a new way of managing complaints.

Through their engagement with the UFBA and our members, they heard a lot of feedback about how complaints are managed which reinforced what was highlighted in reviews. Some of the key themes are:

  • Independence – you want a system or process that is more independent than our current one.
  • Timeliness – FENZ take too long to resolve issues
  • Skills and capability – FENZ need more skills and capability to deal with complex or sensitive cases, like sexual harm 

The options proposed in the consultation document are how FENZ think they can best address these concerns and deliver a sustainable structure that will serve Fire and Emergency well now, and into the future. 

The options are proposals only – FENZ need your feedback and we encourage you to provide any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

The consultation period is three weeks and closes on Tuesday, 15 August the consultation document is on the FENZ portal: https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/projects-and-programmes/eke-taumata/changing-how-we-manage-complaints/

The Independent Complaint and Review Authority (ICRA) for volunteers is not included within the scope of this review and remains available for volunteers.

The UFBA Advocacy and Support Service continues as normal, and members should continue requesting support through us when needed. Fire and Emergency have assured us they are committed to ensuring that work to resolve current active cases will continue uninterrupted and the Behaviour Conduct Office (BCO) is also continuing as normal at this time.

If you are currently going through a process with BCO, you will receive plenty of notice and support if things change before your complaint is resolved.