Professional Standards Consultation

The UFBA Professional Standards are comprised of the following three draft policies:

We are currently consulting with members to provide feedback on the behaviour and conduct standards and the policy to establish the disciplinary committee which will govern the practice of members of this Association (not Fire and Emergency), and that of UFBA employees.

This consultation will be open from 9:00am Monday 28 March 2022, running for four weeks till Monday 25 April 2022 at 5:00pm.

Members have been sent an email from AskYourTeam, with a survey link, allowing you to submit your feedback anonymously. We also have a dedicated email address: which you are welcome to send through any further comments on the Professional Standards.

We ask members to read the above material and provide your feedback through this consultation process. Your feedback supports the robustness of these policies, by ensuring they are relevant and understood by the membership.  

When implemented, the Professional Standards will lead to more satisfactory outcomes, and certainty of the process for all in a situation when matters relating to personal conduct arise. We expect to be able to share the finalised documents late-May 2022.

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If you haven't received a survey link, we're likely missing your details!

To update your contact information, you can email: with your name, brigade and preferred email address, then we'll send you the survey.