Firefighter Challenge

Two firefighters in full kit dragging dummies
Are you ready for the most physically challenging firefighter sport in the country?

2025 UFBA Firefighter Challenge dates:

South Island - 29 March, Christchurch

North Island - 11 & 12 April, Palmerston North

National - 2 & 3 May, Wellington

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The Firefighter Challenge is like a Firefighter 'Iron Man' contest and is the most physically demanding of our Challenges - so crossing the finishing line is all the more rewarding! It's earned the reputation of being 'the toughest two minutes in sport'.

Wearing full bunker gear and breathing from a BA set, competitors race against each other and the clock in a series of tasks across the course. The five tasks are:

  1. Climbing a 6 storey tower carrying a length of 70mm 19kg flaked hose
  2. Hoisting a 70mm hose coil 6 storeys
  3. Chopping using a 4kg shot hammer to drive a beam 1.5 metres
  4. Extending a charged length of 45mm hose to knock down a disc
  5. Dragging a life sized dummy a distance of 30.5m

The competition is a great test of skill and fitness and simulates the physical demands of real life firefighting to the public. We encourage new competitors and you'll meet a competitive, but supportive and positive, family of firefighters from across the country at each event.

While there are no changes to the UFBA Firefighter Challenge rules for the 2023 season, we have been informed by our partners in America that an exciting new future for the US Firefighter Challenge has been unveiled and they are making many enhancements and bedding in their rules for their 2023 programme. The only changes we have implemented for this year are the new challenge logo and name (removed the word “Combat”). The rules remain the same.

Are you tough enough? There's only one way to find out... register today!

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Familiarise yourself with the rules below:

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