About us

Rural firefighters from FRFANZ
Working together to support and represent members because we care

For over 140 years we've brought brigades together from across New Zealand and recently included our first international brigade in the Cook Islands.

Today we represent and provide services to over 690 different brigades from urban, rural, career, volunteer, defence, airport and industry brigades. Our services are available for nearly 14,000 individuals who cover many different roles including firefighters, secretaries and treasurers and operational support.

Goals that help brigade members

We build our services around our goals;

  • Connection -  across the sector, here and overseas
  • Recognition - of community, service through honours and awards
  • Advancement - greater access to technical and professional development opportunities
  • Support - greater representation for and on behalf of members

Today, we support Fire and Emergency New Zealand with their responsibilities around advocating for volunteerism, building positive cultural change and bringing brigades together.

Services built upon volunteerism

The UFBA is much more than 12 office staff in our base in Tawa, Wellington. Built upon volunteerism, we are an army of dedicated volunteers who directly contribute to the delivery of all of our services as reps in working and reference groups and committees, Challenge event officials, hosts and helpers, advocacy and support people, service honours presenters and our officers and Board members. Our volunteers contribute more than 8,500 hours per year to supporting UFBA services.

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Over 140 years of influencing change

The UFBA is proud to be part of such a rich history. We have been integral to the development of the service today and the recognition for volunteers by directly advocating for Section 36 and 37 of the FENZ Act 2017.

When we were established in 1878 the Pink and White Terraces were still around, NZ's first university was only 10 years old and women could not vote! You can discover more about our history with the timeline available below. 

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