Some of the frequently asked questions.

Q» Our brigade has a Gold Star presentation coming up. How do we arrange for a UFBA representative to make the presentation?
UFBA protocol, in keeping with tradition, is that 25 Year Gold Star and 50 Year Service Medal must be presented by the President, Vice President or an appointed representative. If a brigade requests a particular presenter, this must be approved by the President (and depends on location).

Please email the service honours team about your upcoming Gold Star/50-Year presentations, ideally at least six months in advance to give us time to find a presenter, even if you haven't yet set a date.

Download the 'Protocols for UFBA Gold Star Presentations' document under the Service honours Resources page.

Q» How is time-served measured?
Time-served is worked out according to attendance at musters – this is so brigade members who are not active firefighters, such as operational support, can also be recognised for their contribution. It also ensures your engagement with the brigade is registered, to provide the records we need to check against.

Muster attendance for each year must be at least 67% (which can include authorised leave) - you must be present for 25% of brigade musters for the year 1 July to 30 June.

When Statutory Declarations are required
In some circumstances, for example when brigade records are incomplete, an applicant and others in support of the applicant may be required to complete Statutory Declarations regarding service details. Download these Statutory Declaration forms here or see below:

Service Honours Statutory Declaration: Applicant (PDF, 83KB)
Service Honours Statutory Declaration: Others in Support (PDF, 69KB)

Q» Can I wear my relative's medals?
You may wear a relative's service medals on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, and where the person's service or the brigade they served in is being commemorated. 

The medals are worn on dress uniform, on the opposite side to UFBA service medals.

Q» Where are they made?
We support local craftspeople. All of our Service Honours medals and bars are handmade in Blenheim by Badges and Medals, a family -owned business, to exacting standards of quality to designs dating back over a hundred years. 25 Year Gold Stars and 50 Year Service Medals are made of solid 9ct gold and all certificates are printed to professional standards with a family-owned Wellington printer.

Q» Can we run Service Honours presentations under Covid-19 levels?
Brigades should not hold any events at Level 3 alert. You can find government guidelines here. Events can go ahead at Level 2, with the following restrictions:

  • No more than 100 people in one space (including catering staff, etc)
  • Fire and Emergency guidelines in 2020 stated that no functions were to be held at fire stations. Consider a contingency plan or alternative venue if necessary.
  • QR codes should be used for all events - you can get further help with that here.
  • Social distancing – maintain 1 metre distancing between people who don’t regularly meet with each other, and be especially mindful of vulnerable attendees
  • Extended cleaning procedures – ensure frequent cleaning of surfaces, plenty of soap/paper towels in each toilet, hand sanitisers to be readily available
  • Catering recommendation – for buffet meals, catering staff serve food or provide individual portions.