Road Crash Challenge

Firefighters attending to a simulated car crash
Critical decision making, team-work and the right tools for the job. The most realistic and unparalleled oportunity to hone your life-saving skills.

2025 UFBA Combined Road Crash Rescue Challenge: 

12 - 14 June, Feilding

The Road Crash Rescue Challenge (RCR) has become one of our most important events, mirroring the

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increasing number of road incidents volunteers are being asked to attend. This is a unique learning opportunity to practice rescue and medical response skills in true-to-life scenarios.

Teams consist of six members, including a designated team leader and a medic and have to race against the clock to extricate and treat patients in simulated road crashes whilst being scored on their techniques.

You can also enter a 'Trauma only team' consisting of two members to compete in the Trauma event only.

There are three surprise scenarios: Controlled, Time Critical and Entrapped. To assist in training for the event, rules and other resources are available to download on this page.

National and Regional RCR Challenges take place and are run in accordance with the rules and guidelines laid out by the Australasian Road Rescue Organisation.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand are no longer providing funding for teams to attend the Australasian Rescue Challenge. The UFBA and Fire and Emergency NZ are working hard to find an alternative means of securing funding going forward.

A challenge event like no other - simulating the critical decision making, skilled teamwork and race against the clock.


2024 UFBA National Road Crash Rescue Challenge Results



2021 UFBA Combined North/South Road Crash Rescue Challenge Results

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The rules can be found below:

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