Recognise your contribution to the service with time-honoured service honours awards - exclusive to brigade members

The UFBA would like to sincerely thank all fire brigade members for their service and commitment to our fire and emergency services, your community and country.

We keep records for all individuals belonging to every member brigade - over 13,500 people - and award service honours based on muster attendance for:

  • 3 Year Certificate
  • 5 Year Medal
  • Silver bar - every two years (eg 7, 9, +2 years up to 23 years)
  • 25 Year Gold Star
  • Gold bar - every two years (eg 27, 29, +2 years up to 49 Years and then 52 years+)
  • 40 Year Certificate
  • 50 Year Service Medal
  • 60 Year Certificate

Applying for Service Honours

Your CFO or Secretary needs to download and submit the relevant form below to our Service Honours team  at least three months prior to the presentation date. You can order service honours whenever you like however, the award will not be sent until closer to the recipient's completion date (of time served).

  1. Complete the relevant application form (download below), and submit at least three months prior to the presentation.
  2. The UFBA checks the eligibility of every recipient.  
  3. If there are no changes and the UFBA records match that of the brigades, then the UFBA proceeds with the order and sends an invoice to the brigade. 
  4. Orders are processed once payment is receivedthe order is released and sent directly from our jeweller to the brigade.

Application forms and templates

For application forms, protocols and guides and invitation templates click here.


Q» We're a former FRFANZ rural brigade who have joined the UFBA.
How do our Service Honours align?
Q» Our brigade has a Gold Star presentation coming up. How do we arrange for a UFBA representative to make the presentation?

A 25 Year Gold Star and 50 Year Service Medal must be presented by an official UFBA representative, in keeping with tradition. When planning Gold Star and 50-Year service presentations, keep in mind that the UFBA requires at least six months notice to organise presenters.  You should notify the UFBA of your upcoming Gold Star or 50-Year Service presentation by sending a letter to the Chief Executive Officer at PO Box 56079, Tawa, Wellington 5249.

We treat recipients of the 25 Year Gold Star and 50 Year Service Medals with the mana and respect they deserve, and these must be presented by the UFBA President, Vice-President or appointed representative. If there is a request from the brigade for a particular person to present their Gold Star, it must be approved by the UFBA President.

Download the 'Protocols for UFBA Gold Star Presentations' document under the Service honours Resources page.

Q» Where are they made?
We support local craftspeople. All of our Service Honours medals and bars are handmade in Blenheim by Badges and Medals, a family -owned business, to exacting standards of quality to designs dating back over a hundred years. 25 Year Gold Stars and 50 Year Service Medals are made of solid 9ct gold and all certificates are printed to professional standards with a family-owned Wellington printers.

Q» How is time-served measured?
Time-served is considered against your attendance at musters. In order to allow fairness for brigade members who are not active firefighters such as operational support, we measure against this more consistent time. Your attendance at musters ensures your engagement with the brigade is registered too to provide the records we need to check against. Muster attendance for each year must be at least 67% (which can include authorised leave). You can work out your eligibility here (hyperlink calculation).

When Statutory Declarations are required

In some circumstances, an applicant and others in support of the applicant may be required to complete Statutory Declarations regarding service details. Download these Statutory Declaration forms here or see below:

Service Honours Statutory Declaration: Applicant (PDF, 83KB)

Service Honours Statutory Declaration: Others in Support (PDF, 69KB)

Valour Medal

Nominations are welcome for the rare UFBA Valour medal. The medal is probably one of the rarest medals of its kind in the world having only been presented four times since its inception in 1880. The first to J. Robb of Dunedin in 1882, then to T. Thompson of Wanganui in 1891, A.Ashworth of Alexandra in 1908 and S.Shadbolt of Christchurch in 2014. See more about these awards here

Applicants must be from a member brigade who exhibits 'exceptional personal courage saving or attempting to save human life, and may have placed his or her own life in danger at any fire, emergency or other fire brigade operation'. Download and submit the relevant form below.