Waterway Challenge

Two firefighters spraying firehose
Perhaps our most fun, team-orientated event that taps into vital pump and hose skills

2025 UFBA Waterway Challenge dates:

North Island - 18 January, Havelock North

South Island - 1 February, Darfield

National - 20-22 February, Mataura/Invercargill

Run, connect, engage, hit!

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Each step of the process relies on team work - the hose to the pump, the standpipe to the hydrant, connectors extending 25 metres. Only through precision, speed and team work can you hit the target.

The Waterway Challenge has been an enduring UFBA tradition since it was first introduced back in 1885. It's an opportunity to put hose-running and pump-operating skills to the test in a fun and competitive environment.

New simplified rules introduced in 2020 mean this event is open to rural as well as urban firefighters.

The Waterway season is made up of two island regional events and a National event bi-annually. We welcome newcomers!

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Discover why Waterway has endured as UFBA's best hose and pump skills-related challenge event.

2024 South Island Waterway results:


2024 North Island Waterway results:


You can download and learn the rules below:

Rule clarifications: updated 09 February 2023

For past results, please email events@ufba.org.nz

2023 National Waterway results:

2023 South Island Waterway results:


2023 North Island Waterway results:

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