Sector advocacy

Workshop group Wellington 2018
Since 1878 we've been a single voice representing brigades across New Zealand.

The UFBA has a long and strong history of advocating for the interests of all fire brigades, at national and brigade level.

This is especially important when it comes to supporting over 13,000 firefighters across the country. We represent our members on strategy, policy and legislation changes and organisational change discussions with Fire and Emergency and the wider sector and government.

Much of what we do for sector advocacy is behind the scenes, conversations at the highest levels, and we always strive for fairness, inclusion and equal representation.  We work to make sure Fire and Emergency and government have your best interests at heart in decisions made on your behalf, and speaking up when this isn't the case.

Our networks cover all areas of the sector, whether rural, urban, career or volunteer, to ensure we keep abreast of changes and we represent positive outcomes for our members. We also involve you - our members through representatives - so that you are given the opportunity to represent your areas of expertise.

There are a number of ways you can support advocacy work:

  • Join our mailing list to receive news about submissions
  • Contribute towards our submissions
  • Join a working group or UFBA technical support group as a representative
  • Become a Brigade Representative
  • Nominate yourself for Vice president to join our Membership Advisory Panel

Discover more about active roles with the UFBA here.