UFBA provides feedback on FENZ Paearu Mahi policies for Fire Commander ranks

Issue date:

Recently, FENZ asked all Unions and Associations for Feedback on five draft eligibility and assessment policies related to the Paearu Mahi (performance criteria) project they are running. The criteria relates to personnel seeking the Assistant Fire Commander/Fire Commander ranks.

We consulted with a group of members to provide feedback on the proposed policies.

Last week, the UFBA submitted strong feedback on the draft policies.

The key points of our response were:

  • We would not support any proposal that provides a single point of entry to the process and excludes capable candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. We sought more clarity on the assessment criteria as parts of it were vague and open-ended.
  • The Assessors for the rank need to be from a broader pool to give more independence, such as a UFBA rep who holds the relevant qualifications.
  • More training and support needs to be made available to volunteers who wish to progress to this rank.
  • The UFBA requires input into the development of the Assessment Regulations to ensure the process has no hidden barriers to inclusion for all our members.

We will keep you updated on the Paearu Mahi policies.

Should you wish to discuss this with us, please email connect@ufba.org.nz or phone 042370265

Kia kaha, kia Kotahi ra
Our strength is our unity