FENZ Annual Reimbursement Policy Survey

UFBA is currently running a membership survey to gain members views to help inform Fire and Emergency's review of the Volunteer Annual Reimbursement policy.

In 2019, Fire and Emergency NZ introduced an annual volunteer reimbursement of $300 to reimburse volunteers for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in their volunteering.

The reimbursement is tax-free and is provided to eligible volunteers in December each year. It is guided by the Annual Volunteer Reimbursement Policy - which is reviewed every three years.

Before starting the survey, we recommend members read the existing FENZ policy and costing model below:

As part of the current review, and considering changes in everyday expenses, Fire and Emergency NZ has sought the views of the UFBA and its members on the costing model used to determine the reimbursement amount.

A short survey has been developed to seek your views on the costing model to support feedback the UFBA will provide to Fire and Emergency NZ.

The survey is a unique code which has been emailed to all members. If you have not received an email from our survey provider AskYourTeam, please contact us by emailing connect@ufba.org.nz to advise of your name, brigade and preferred email address so we can forward it to you.