UFBA Conference (Hui) 2022 Keynote Presentations

10/11/2022 - we are continuing to work on the conference footage and will advise members as each presentation is added

Keynote speaker recordings:

Saturday's Keynote Speakers:

Opening Address - UFBA Chair, Hon. Peter Dunne & FENZ Chair, Rebecca Keoghan

NIWA, Dr Sam Dean - Connection through Climate Change

Scion, Shana Gross and Lisa Langer - Connection with science and technology

FENZ CE - Connecting with Kerry Gregory

Shelly Davies - Connection through clear communication

FENZ ELT Panel - Connecting with FENZ Leaders

FENZ - Connecting with FENZ

Lance Burdett - Connecting in a meaningful way in high stress situations


Sunday's Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Tom Mulholland - Connecting with yourself and the communities you serve

Russell Jackson - Connect, plan and be the change agent

Melissa Clark-Reynolds - Connecting through inspiring leadership