Carcinogen-related cancers in Firefighters

The UFBA is about affecting positive change in support of its members. 

Our recent membership survey showed that 98% of respondents agreed that more needs to be done when it comes to supporting the health of volunteers.

To strengthen the case for improved support for volunteer firefighters at risk of contracting cancer through carcinogenic exposure on the job, as they voluntarily serve and protect their communities, the UFBA is leading a cancer research project to gather much needed evidence to support the claim that this is a very real risk to volunteers.

We are taking a measured and professional approach to this highly important piece of work as part of our ongoing campaign to improve fairness and equity for volunteers.  The first step in the research project a comprehensive international literature review from which targeted action steps will next be determined.

Thank you to all that participated in this important survey.  We will keep you informed of progress.