Changes to UFBA Service Honours

Issue date:

We are delighted to now be able to formally acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all our members.

Following the AGM last month, members moved to accept the motion which updated the UFBA regulation “Qualifying for Service Honours” to allow non-operational support and brigade support personnel, present at Fire Brigade Members’ musters to the satisfaction of a simple majority of enrolled members.

Meaning, UFBA members who are non-operational support and brigade support personnel can now be included for consideration for service honours.

Thank you to the membership for providing feedback and overwhelmingly supporting this motion.

We have updated the UFBA Regulations on our website and the UFBA Service Honours team are ready and waiting to help brigades order their awards for 2023!


Additionally, we are working with Fire and Emergency to investigate the eligibility criteria for the Long Service Good Conduct awards. We will keep you updated on this.

Kia koha, kia Kotahi ra
Our strength is in our unity