Clarity on turn-out procedures for volunteers during NZPFU member strike action

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We have been approached by a number of volunteer brigades seeking further clarity on turnout procedures and their obligations during industrial action by FENZ frontline employees. As you may be aware, the Union has notified FENZ of ongoing stop-work action in the coming weeks.

Previous messages from the UFBA referred to a “business as usual state for brigades”. We also specified those things that brigades are not expected to do during industrial action. All urban volunteer brigades are obliged to respond to emergencies in accordance with paragraph 1 of their agreement of service with the former Fire Service Commission. These agreements remain current as set out in Part 1, Provisions relating to this Act, Subpart 1—Organisation-related provisions, Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017.

This is business as usual. If you are called out, and you are available, you turn out. We understand that the Firefighters Union respects and acknowledges your role, will not hinder you in your role, and would expect that you respond as agreed. So does the UFBA.

We acknowledge that it is not ideal to be travelling across districts or even regions as this takes away from your personal and work time. On behalf of the communities of Aotearoa New Zealand, we thank you for your commitment to protect us.