New name, new look, same challenge

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We are so pleased to welcome you back for the 2023 season and want to tell you about our name change from UFBA Firefighter Combat Challenge to UFBA Firefighter Challenge. This decision has come from America and reflects positive changes globally.

If you attended, or watched online, our recent 2022 UFBA AGM & Conference (Hui) you would have heard one of our keynote speakers, Russell Jackson, sharing exciting news for Firefighter Challenges ahead.

As the endorsed provider in New Zealand for the Firefighter Challenge, the UFBA is thrilled to share our new look logo, proudly displaying a New Zealand flag at its heart.

While the look has slightly changed, the track and the Lion’s Den accolade remain the same, you will still be able to compete as individuals, tandems, and relays, and it will still be an amazing event to be part of. Your training and passion will still be measured against the timing clock and your personal bests.

Information we have received from the U.S:

“America will be bedding in new changes in 2023, which may affect our 2024 Firefighter Challenge events here in NZ. There is one important change which takes affect immediately, the ‘Bye’ program of the Challenge has created some confusion in the U.S. and abroad. What was developed with good intention ultimately had unintended consequences.

To many, this incentive provided recipients an unfair advantage in a global event that should have provided a level field for all competitors entering to compete for the prestigious title of World Champion. Just imagine if the Olympics provided team members from the host country an opportunity that no other competitor in the world was provided.

The Competition Oversight Committee has been providing ongoing counsel to our new CEO of the Firefighter Challenge who learned of this issue by dozens of competitors participating in focus groups held earlier this year. He agrees that this is a solvable problem and that it will restore confidence to our global firefighter athletes that the World Championship event is fair for all.

Effective immediately, the ‘Bye’ program, as stated in 7.8.3 of the current Rules, is eliminated, and we thank everyone for their understanding of this change. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to the committee via info@firstresponder.org

If you have any queries, get in touch with us, we love to hear from you all.

The UFBA Events Team